• Latest News - November 3, 2015

    Four ways we're making a difference through play


    Children will benefit from the Global Goals

    We are delighted about the new global Sustainable Development Goals recently unveiled by the United Nations. With an increased global focus on the key areas in which we work, we hope to reach and benefit even more children through our unique sport- and play-based programmes.

    There are four Global Goals that particularly resonate with our mission to educate and empower children and young people to overcome poverty, conflict and disease: 

    Global Goal 4: Quality Education 


    By integrating play into schools, we're creating the learning environments and opportunities for children to excel. Children's motivation to learn and absorb more information increases leading to better attendance, enrolment and academic performance. 

    Global Goal 3: Health 


    Children learn how to stay healthy and protect themselves against diseases through our games. While having fun, they are also learning practical lessons, like hand-washing, how to use mosquito nets and how to prevent HIV/AIDS. And the best part: they're sharing what they've learned with their family and friends.

    Global Goal 16: Peace 


    Activities that promote teamwork and communication teach children how to accept, respect and understand one another's differences. We also teach how to resolve conflict with words instead of violence, how to break down cultural and ethnic divides, and offer opportunities for youth who might otherwise be isolated or ignored, like migrants and those with disabilities.

    Global Goal 5: Gender Equality 


    By staying in school and being kept safe from sexual exploitation, girls in our programmes are able to overcome obstacles to achievement. We're teaching girls and boys that, regardless of gender, all children are equal and have the same rights.