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Lina Nielsen

Athletics - 400m

Like her twin sister, Lina competed in 400m until Sally Gunnell, the British 400m hurdles record-holder, encouraged her to switch to 400m hurdles. Lina completed a chemistry degree at Queen Mary University in 2018.

As advocates of women’s rights Laviai and Lina have a keen interest in international development are looking to help make a difference to disadvantaged girls and women around the world.

Lina adds: “Having Sudanese heritage, my sister and I visited Sudan every summer and have seen how poverty can effect a society and a community. We have always been grateful for what we have and have grabbed all opportunities in life. I wish and hope that everyone has the opportunity in their life to take advantage of sport’s many rewards and virtues. We are excited to become Ambassadors for Right To Play for such a unique charity that uses sport and play to educate children.”