Children go to enormous lengths for their education. Girls have to go further.

From the moment they’re born, many girls are held back by gender norms and expectations that take them further from school and where they hope to go in life.

With Right To Play-trained coaches and teachers behind them, girls can transform obstacles into opportunities and reach where they want to go. Coaches and teachers help dismantle barriers, like forced marriage, period stigma, and gender bias, so that girls can reach and stay in school. They create gender-inclusive, safe, and playful classrooms. They provide products and spaces for girls to manage their periods. They help parents understand how education can protect their daughter’s well-being. They teach girls games that help them understand their right to be at school.

Many unstoppable girls grow up to stand strong behind the next generation. As leaders, mentors, and coaches, they’ll keep facing down obstacles to an equal world that benefits us all.

Big things happen when girls feel unstoppable. But the barriers they face are hard to break alone.

When girls play, they can forge their own path! Will you stand behind girls and show your support for a more equal world?

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Join us in celebrating inspiring and resilient women and make an incredible impact by protecting, educating, and empowering children through the transformative power of play.

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By donating £7.50 per month, you can provide a menstrual hygiene kit to a girl supported by the Right to Play programme. Your support will empower girls to attend school and remove the barriers posed by menstruation.

Discover how Right To Play has positively impacted girls in our programs, empowering them to become unstoppable.

Meet Hana and Nunu

Hana and Nunu - Ethiopia - Image 1 - Web

Hana’s Right To Play-trained Coach Nunu led play sessions that helped Hana better cope with her depression and anxiety. Hana is now a coach and mentor empowering the next generation of young activists.

Meet Bertha and Bilkis

Bertha - Bilkis - Carousel Image.jpg

Support from their football coaches during a Right To Play workshop helped Bertha and Bilkis find their way to becoming professional footballers and outspoken leaders for girls in their community.

Meet Leila

Leila - Mozambique - Image 1 - Web Hero.jpg

When she became pregnant, Leila thought it was the end of her education. A Right To Play–trained coach helped her stay in school and stay motivated to build her own future.