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Liverpool FC Has a New Look for the UEFA Champions League


Liverpool FC has a new logo on their jerseys for their UEFA Champions League matches. The logo will be unveiled when the reigning European Champions face FC Salzburg in their first home Champions League game on October 2nd at Anfield Stadium.

In support of the Club’s official charity, the Liverpool FC Foundation, and their partnership with us at Right To Play, the Right To Play logo will feature prominently on the back tail of the Reds’ Champions League jersey for this season.

Together with the LFC Foundation, we aim to bring awareness to the urgency of protecting, educating and empowering children around the world, and sparking enduring transformations in their lives, through the power of sport and play.

The multi-year partnership announced earlier this year between Right To Play and LFC Foundation, brings together two innovators and leaders in the fields of sport and play to combine their expertise to implement high-impact programmes that will benefit vulnerable children. The joint programmes will be launched initially in Anfield and Thailand and will be expanded to include other countries after that.

The Right To Play logo on Liverpool FC’s Champions League jersey recognises our exciting new partnership with the LFC Foundation, built on a shared belief that every child deserves to be safe, healthy and empowered. Together we will transform the lives of vulnerable children and young people in Anfield and around the world.

The logo includes a graphic representation of a handmade ball. It recalls the founding story of Right To Play when former Olympic champion Johann Koss met a young Eritrean boy in a refugee camp. The boy was playing football with his friends using a makeshift ball he made out of a long-sleeved shirt. Even amid many challenges, the boy’s desire to play had unlocked his creativity and ingenuity. The handmade ball honours children’s resilience and determination to create opportunities when they are given the knowledge and tools to do so.

Right To Play and the Liverpool FC Foundation’s joint programmes will focus on a number of areas including improving life skills for disadvantaged children around the world, to help them to stay in school and to live safe and healthy lives.