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Sing and dance along to the #RightToPlayRinse

Right To Play Rinse image.jpg

The amazing children at Right To Play Ghana created a catchy song and dance to highlight the importance of handwashing, introducing the #RightToPlayRinse. This was filmed at the beginning of March when the schools were open, we are of course fully adhering to social distancing.

Please do share far and wide and give it a go yourself. Nominate three friends to sing it and tag us with the hashtags #RightToPlayRinse, #PlaySavesLives and #RightToPlay on Facebook, Instagram and LinkenIn @RightToPlayUK and @RightToPlay_UK if you're on Twitter. Let's make the #RightToPlayRinse go global!

As Right To Play Global CEO, Kevin Frey has articulated, we are fully committed to continuing to deliver our programmes wherever possible and have started planning alternate approaches on a case-by-case basis in communities where in-person delivery is no longer possible.