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#TeamRightToPlay members Cusco2Cusco reach a milestone

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​Team Right To Play members Cusco2Cusco reached a milestone recently by raising an incredible £40,000 in their South American fundraising quest.

Leo Harris, Tom Whittle and Chris Baird comprise Cusco2Cusco and are cycling the entire length of South America for charity, including Right To Play. Their journey began and will end in Cusco, Peru – hence the name 'Cusco2Cusco.'

Completely unsupported, the terrific trio, who started their quest last summer will have covered more than 13,000km (the length of 150,000 football pitches and the height of over 12 Mount Everests) by the end of their challenge in the next couple of months.

Leo, Tom and Chris are a true inspiration. We'd like to thank them for their determination, sacrifices and commitment. They're helping change the lives of children living in disadvantaged communities all over the world.