It’s been a difficult time for children around the world. COVID-19 has transformed their lives, and for many, it’s been only one of the life-changing crises they’ve faced recently. But they are standing up to the challenges they are facing, refusing to let disasters, wars, inequality, and the pandemic determine and limit their futures.

Children around the world are facing unprecedented crisis as the global pandemic exacerbates inequality, discrimination, and the effects of disasters and war. Support from Right To Play is helping them to overcome these challenges and push through to a brighter future. Let's meet some of them.

Irene Protects Her Friends and Family

Twelve-year-old Irene lives in impoverished rural Ghana. She’s dismantling rumours about COVID-19, keeping herself safe, and helping her neighbours and family do the same.

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Mateus Keeps Studying

Lockdowns in Mozambique meant that Mateus’ plans to sit for exams were put on hold. He refused to give up, and kept learning thanks to televised lessons so he can get his education.

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Judith Resists Female Genital Mutilation

When schools in Tanzania closed, a surge of female genital mutilation followed. Judith stood up for her rights, defied social expectations and refused to be cut.

Judith - Tanzania - Discrimination Won't Stop Me - Image 1 - Web.jpg

Daniyal Stays Resilient Despite Disaster

Daniyal’s family survived the devastating explosion in Beirut but lost everything in the blast. His mother didn’t think he’d ever smile again, until he got the mental health support he needed.

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