International Women's Day is a time to celebrate the many accomplishments of women and the strides we've made in forging a more gender-equal world. But for many girls, that future is still far away.

Around the world, girls are facing tough challenges. Poverty, discrimination, child labour, and early marriage are just a few of the combined obstacles on the road to a truly gender-equal world. Given the chance, girls can and will overcome these obstacles and, through our unique play-based learning programs, Right To Play can give them that chance.

This International Women’s Day, we invite you to learn about and celebrate some of the young women Right To Play has supported as they overcame incredible challenges. Please consider donating to our programs to help more girls claim a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

IWD 2022 - Anitha - Web.jpg

Anitha, Rwanda

Poverty forced Anitha to drop out to haul water for pennies a day. With the help of a Right To Play child rights’ club, she found her way back to school where she became a star pupil.

Find out how Anitha is claiming her future

IWD 2022 - Balla - Web.jpg

Balla, Mali

Balla’s mother pulled her out of school to work in a gold mine. Thanks to a volunteer campaign in her village, Balla was able to leave the mine and go back to school where she is flourishing.

Find out how Balla is claiming her future

IWD 2022 - Esperance - Web.jpg

Esperance, Tanzania

Esperance’s friends in her refugee camp started missing class and dropping out as their periods started. Thanks to a health class, Esperance was able to help her friends manage their periods and stay in school.

Find out how Esperance is claiming her future

On International Women's Day, donate to support our programs and help girls like Anitha, Balla, and Esperance.