Mastermind Toys Spring Guide
"Play is Kids' Work."

“Play is Kids’ Work.” This is the guiding philosophy of Mastermind Toys, Canada’s largest specialty toy and children’s book retailer.

The importance of play can so often be overlooked, but it’s integral in empowering children with the skills they need to grow, stay healthy and build positive relationships throughout their lives. At Right To Play, that’s a philosophy we firmly believe in too. And it’s why we were, and continue to be, so proud to partner with Mastermind Toys this past Spring.

In March 2021, Mastermind Toys released their Spring Play Guide, an enormous collection of must-have toys and activities for Canadian kids and families. After a winter of remote learning and virtual play dates, this curated guide provided children and youth a chance to have fun outside, while staying safe and healthy.

Along with the Spring Play Guide came a new partnership with Right To Play. In response to COVID-19, Right To Play worked to create and distribute PLAY Packs to Indigenous children and youth across the country. Our PLAY packs contain arts and educational projects, cultural activities, and healthy snacks, providing Indigenous youth with a fun way to ensure learning doesn’t stop during school closures and lockdowns.

Mastermind Toys allowed customers to add a $5 donation to their online and in-store orders and, for every donation, they provided $10 to cover the cost of a $15 PLAY pack. In this way, Mastermind Toys was able to raise an amazing $15,000 in support of Right To Play’s Indigenous Programs.

As Indigenous communities continue to feel the generational impacts of colonization and residential schools, Mastermind Toys saw a way to provide support.

“When communities are facing societal barriers, it can be easy for play to be deprioritized. We are supporting Right To Play to help provide opportunities for all youth to experience the benefits of play,” says Susan Anderson, Vice-President of Marketing and Brand for Mastermind Toys.

Mastermind Toys knows the importance of play in childhood development, which is why every toy they offer is hand-selected based on their “Why Kids Play” curation model. It’s about more than selling toys. It’s about ensuring – firsthand – that kids gain valuable experiences that nurture their development; experiences that spark wonder, curiousity and an excitement for lifelong learning.

Together, Mastermind Toys and Right To Play recognize play’s role in building positive foundations for children and youth. We thank Mastermind Toys for their contributions and value their commitment to providing fun, meaningful opportunities for children across Canada.