It's a rallying cry, a call to action, an anthem for every child around the world who is rising above adversity. Today is the debut of our brand new "Anthem" video, which tells the story of how children in some of the toughest situations in the world are rising up to demand a better future for themselves and their peers.

Children are the most vulnerable people in the world, disproportionately affected by poverty, war, disease, illiteracy and inequality. Inadequate education and harmful cultural practices limit their futures and put them at risk of early marriage, child labor and coercion into armed groups.

But children are demanding a change. They are fighting to attend and stay in school, to be treated with dignity and respect and to be safe. They are demanding a world in which they are protected, educated and empowered, a world where they can rise above their challenges.

They are transforming their communities, their families, and their own lives, and they are learning how to do that by harnessing one of the most powerful and universal influences on any child’s life – the power of play.

Now, it’s time to support these incredible children as they rise above their challenges. Watch the anthem video and join us by becoming a donor to help us create a world in which every child can rise and thrive.